Kerala Public School - Kadma
"Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar log aate gaye karvaan banta gaya"
- Late A.P.R Nair(Founder Chairman)

School Calendar

  • March

    14th (Thurs) New Academic Session for -LKG-XII ( 07:30 a.m – 9:30 a.m)
    15th (Fri) Regular Classes for Nur-Std.XII
    Allotment of House / Hobbies
    16th (Sat) Regular Working Day (Std IX to XII) 
    20th (Wed) Penmanship Competition – Eng & Hindi (UKG -X)
    21st (Thurs) &
    22nd (Fri)
    Holi (Holiday)
    26th (Tues) Science & maths Wizard Std-I to Std V (QF)
    27th (Wed) Science & maths Wizard Std-VI to Std X (QF)
    29th (Wed) Inter KPS Youth Festival 2018-19
    30th (Wed) Inter KPS Youth Festival 2018-19
  • April

    3rd (Wed) Science & maths Wizard Std-I to Std V (SF)
    Science & maths Wizard Std-VI to Std X (SF)
    3rd (Wed) to 6th (Sat) Inter KPS Basketball (Boys & Girls)
    6th (Sat) Prize Nite (Primary)
    Working Day for students
    8th (Mon) Std XI Orientation for students (9.00a.m-10.00a.m)
    9th (Tues) Regular classes for Std XI
    Orientation for Std XI Parents (11.00a.m-12.30p.m)
    10th (Wed) Science & maths Wizard Std-I to Std V (F)
    Science & maths Wizard Std-VI to Std X (F)
    13th (Sat) Ramnavami  (Holiday)
    15th (Mon) Vishu  (Holiday)
    17th (Wed) Hindi Story / Poem writing Std III – Std X (F)
    19th (Fri) Good Friday  (Holiday)
    22nd (Mon) – 1st May (Wed) PT 1 for First Term (UKG-V)
    22nd (Mon) World Earth Day (ECO Club) / EVS Exhibition
    24th (Wed) Spelling Bee Std VI -Std X (SF)
    25th (Thurs)- 26th (Fri) SCIENCE Exhibition
    29th (Mon) 30th (Tues) Choral Recitation English (Primary)
    30th (Tues) School Cabinet Formation
  • May

    1st (Wed) Special Celebrations in school for Support Staff
    (Safe Club / Scouts and Guides)
    Spelling Bee Std I – Std X(F)
    6th  (Mon) Induction Ceremony (Student Cabinet)
    7th, 8th  Exhibition (Humanities)
    10th (Fri)  Last working day for students before summer vacation
    11th (Sat)  Last working day for Office before summer vacation
    11th (Sat) to 19th (Fri)  Extra Classes for Std X & XII

  • June

    14th  (Fri) School re-opens for Office Staff
    15th  (Sat) School re –opens for Teachers – Staff meeting
    17th  (Mon) School reopens for students
    19th (Wed) Reading Competition Std I-VII (QF)
    Hindi Extempore Std VIII- IX (QF)
    22nd  (Sat) Mother’s Day
    Regular Working Day for students (Std IX to XII)
    24th (Mon) to 28th (Fri)  PT 1 for First Term Exam (X,XII)
    25th (Tues) Mother’s Day (Workshop for Nursery Mothers)
    26th (Wed) International Day Against Drug Abuse (Jyoti Club)
    Reading Competition Std I-VII (SF)
    Hindi Elocution Std VIII-X (SF)
    29th (Sat) Regular Working Day for Students (Std IX to XII)
    Annual Prize Night

  • July

    3rd (Wed) to 12th(Fri) PT II for Mid Term Exam (UKG-V)
    3rd (Wed) to 13th(Sat) PT I for First Term (VI-IX)
    17th (Wed) Best out of waste competition (I to IX)
    22nd (Mon) to 26th(Fri) PT II for First Term Exam (X,XI,XII)
    24th (Wed) Hindi Elocution Std VIII-X (F)
    Reading Competition Std I-VII (F)
    29th (Mon) to 31st (Wed) Inter KPS Football (Boys & Girls)

  • August

    1st (Thurs) Inter KPS Football
    3rd (Sat) Class Presentation (Nursery)
    Regular Working Day for Students
    6th (Tues) World Peace Day (Jyoti Club)
    7th (Wed) Eastern Solo Song Std I – V (SF)
    Eastern Solo Song Std VI – X (SF)
    8th (Thurs) Grandparents Day
    10th (Sat) Class Presentation (LKG)
    12th (Mon) Id-Ul-Zoha (Holiday)
    14th (Wed) Western Solo Song Std I-IX (SF)
    15th (Thurs) Independence Day: Flag hoisting at School
    Raksha Bandhan
    19th (Mon) to 30th (Fri) First Term Examination (UKG -XII)
    24th (Sat) Janmastami(Holiday)

  • September

    2nd (Mon) Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday)
    5th (Wed) Teachers Day (Holiday for Students)
    7th (Sat) ETHIKOS – 2019
    9th (Mon) International Literacy Day
    (Interact Club)
    10th (Tues) Muharram (Holiday)
    11th (Wed) Onam (Holiday)
    14th (Sat) Hindi Divas (Hindi Exhibition)
    17th (Tues) Vishwakarma Puja (Holiday)
    18th (Wed) Solo Dance Competition (SF)
    Finals in Youth Festival
    20th (Fri) Sarthi Divas
    23rd (Mon) to 25th (Wed) Safety Week
    27th (Fri) 28th (Sat) Annual Youth Festival

  • October

    2nd (Wed) Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
    4th (Fri) to 13th (Sun) Puja Holidays
    14th (Mon) School reopens after Puja Holidays
    15th (Tues) World Handwash Day
    16th (Wed) Diya Decoration (UKG-IX)
    16th (Wed) to 25th (Fri) PT 1 for Final Term (UKG to V)
    21st (Mon) to 25th (Fri) PT 1 for Final Term (X,XI,XII)
    27th, 28th (Mon) Diwali Holidays
    30th (Wed) Band Presentation
    31st (Thurs) Annual Sports Day
  • November

    1st (Fri) to 2nd (Sat) Chhat Holidays
    4th (Mon) Joy of Giving Week
    5th (Tues) Seed Day (UKg)
    6th (Wed) Drawing & Painting Competition, Tattoo Making
    7th (Thurs) Pick an Object and speak (Inter KPS)
    5W1H Presentation
    8th (Fri) Theatre Club  Presentation
    Lines / Strokes Presentation / art Attack
    9th (Sat) Regular Working day for students (Std IX to XII)
    Class Presentation/Art Attack
    Visit to Cheshire hme/Old age Home(Interact/Jyoti Club)
    12th (Tues) Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)
    13th(Wed) Quiz I-V Housewise
    14th(Thurs) Children’s Day Mela/ Award Presentation
    18th(Mon) to 21st (Thurs) International Film Festival (Children)
    19th(Tues) to 29th (Fri) PT I for Final Term (VI to IX)
    20th(Wed) to 29th (Fri) PT II for Final Term (UKG to V)
    25th(Mon) to 29th (Fri) PT II for Final Term (X, XI, XII)
  • December

    2nd  (Mon) World Aids Day (Orators Club)
    7th  (Sat) Class Presentation (IV)
    9th  (Mon) Green Shack Presentation
    10th  (Tues) Western Music Presentation
    11th  (Wed) Electronic Club Presentation
    13th  (Fri) & 14th (Sat) Inter KPS Youth Festival
    16th  (Mon) Pre ISC begins
    Stock Taking
    21st (Sat)  Last Working day before winter vacation
    22nd  (Dec) – 5th (Jan) Winter Vacations
  • January 2020

    6th  (Mon)  Schools reopens for all after Winter Vacations.
    6th  (Mon) to 10th (Fri)  Pre ISC/ICSE Exams (X,XII)
    11th  (Sat) Regular Working Day for Students.
    13th  (Mon) National Youth Day (Interact Club)
    14th  (Tues) Hindustani music Club presentation
    15th  (Wed) Makar Sankranti Holiday
    16th  (Thurs) Road Safety Day (Safe Club)
    17th  (Fri) Tabla Presentation
    20th  (Mon) Wordsworth Meadow Presentation
    21st  (Tues) Ramanujam Attic Presentation
    22nd  (Wed) Orators Club Presentation
    23rd  (Thurs) Einstein Club Presentation
    24th  (Fri) Theatre Club Presentation
    26th  (Sun)  Republic Day
    29th  (Wed) Saraswati Puja (Holiday)
  • February 2020

    1st  (Sat) Regular Working Day
    7th  (Fri) Clean Our Classroom/ Thank You Day
    10th (Mon) -20th (Fri) Final Term Examination
    20th (Fri) Last working day
  • March 2020

    16th (Mon) New Session Begins for Nur – XII